“We need national certification for teachers that are really good at using the Smart board in the classroom!”

It amazes me that there is no national or global recognition for teachers that can really make the interactive whiteboard fly!

Using the interactive whiteboard in the classroom takes a lot of skill, practice, time, patience, and general effort on behalf of the teacher.  Almost certainly these teachers will have produced very sophisticated lesson plans using the special software provided. Teachers that that are experienced with these SMART Boards are highly prized by schools that are introducing this technology in their classrooms. Teachers skilled in the use of SMART Boards can be a vital asset in the staff room as these products are introduced by schools.

So there should be some form of recognition for this skill for Teachers who make the effort to learn new technology. There needs to be some form of certification that can be used as a standard. Then, education authorities can base their decisions relating to staff and the cost/effectiveness of these products upon some sort of firm grounding.  Teachers should be able attach this standard to their CV for example. As a minimum, SMART Board training is a vital part of teacher professional development and every teacher lucky enough to have a SMART Board in their classroom should be allowed to attain and prove a minimum standard of competence.

I believe that training without some sort of formal testing during and at the end of the course to prove the competence attained is such wasted opportunity. So many courses effectively give certificates just for showing up!

I made sure that the online SMART Board course from Blossom Learning does include tests after every chapter – and there are eight of them. In fact, the student cannot proceed to the next chapter until they have achieved an eighty percent passing grade for the current chapter.   Yes, this course is comprehensive and completion does really mean something!

At successful completion of the course the student is awarded a formal certificate in pdf format that means the student did really understand the course material and they also practiced the skills learnt. This certificate can be automatically emailed to up to five email addresses and of course printed.

At long last there now really is a global standard certificate for the use of the SMART Board in the classroom that will mean something to Teachers!

Happy Learning!

Mrs. Blossom

Blossom Learning


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