“Get the most out of your impending SMART Training course provided by your local training consultants – take another course before you go!”

Yes, I am being serious!

If you have a reservation set up for you to take a local face to face SMART Board course in the near future then you can really make the most of your time there by just spending a few hours ahead of time looking through my online course.  At $69.95 (USD) it just a fraction of the total cost of your planned training but you will be very prepared to ask those little questions “you wouldn’t have thought of if you had only just learnt about that particular tool”.  A small price to pay to really get up to speed with your new board!

For most teachers learning to use an IWB in the classroom will become a prerequisite during their teaching career. Just imagine what the classroom in 2020 will look like!  So, any time spent getting to grips with this technology now will ensure you keep at the leading edge as even more technologies are introduced to the classroom.

But be warned, my course is pretty comprehensive!

Happy Learning!

Mrs. Blossom

Blossom Learning


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