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Tech & Learning Magazine has put my SMART Board Course to the test, with great results!

February 23, 2010

I’m very excited today because Tech & Learning magazine has just finished reviewing my Online SMART Board Course and we’ve received a really positive review! They gave my course to a group of teachers who took the course and gave their views and opinions on it. In particular they liked the price of the course, how comprehensive the course is (from beginner to advanced skills), and the powerful features for administrators.

In particular they said:

“Schools who want to incorporate more SMART Board technology into their classroom curricula will benefit from a program like Blossom Learning, with its straightforward lessons and individualized opportunity for progressing at a self-paced level.”

“The program is a bargain at its price, offering nearly four days of instruction and covering all aspects of the SMART Board from the basics to the most advanced topics.” – Tech & Learning February 23rd, 2010

If you would like to see the full review online please visit –

You can also see screenshots of the review below.

Happy Learning!

Mrs. Blossom

Put to the Test

My Online SMART Board Course was ‘Put to the Test!” by Tech & Learning! I’m very excited about this positive review, I know they gave the course to various teachers and they have given the positive great marks! Thank you Tech & Learning!

On Homepage of Tech and Learning

On the Homepage of Tech & Learning! Very Exciting!


In pictures: Mrs. Blossom’s TCEA 2010 show round up

February 22, 2010

Last week was a busy week! I was in Austin, Texas, meeting lots of teachers and making new friends at TCEA 2010 – that’s the Texas Computer Education Association’s annual trade show. It’s one of the biggest educational technology events of the year, and I was there with some of my friends at Blossom Learning to tell people about my new online professional development course for teachers: the first online applied SMART Board training course.

I’ve posted some pictures below of my week at TCEA 2010. Thanks to everyone who came to my booth and watched my presentation, which gave people a sneak peek of the new online SMART Board professional development course for teachers.

Arriving at TCEA 2010

I arrived bright and early at TCEA 2010. Time to find out where exhibitor registration is! Found it! The friendly folk at TCEA helped me to register for my exhibitor badge.

Registering for my exhibitor badge at TCEA 2010

Found it! The friendly folk at TCEA helped me to register for my exhibitor badge.

Here we are at the TCEA exhibit hall

Here I am at the exhibit hall entrance. I’m very early so the show hasn’t started yet! Time to go inside and see our booth for the show – booth number 2671.

The Blossom Learning booth before the show opened

Here I am at the exhibit hall entrance. I’m very early so the show hasn’t started yet! Time to go inside and see our booth for the show – booth number 2671.

People learning about my new online SMART Board course

My booth was full all day, right from the start of show, with hundreds of teachers sitting down to watch the preview of my new online SMART Board training course. You can see some videos of the course at, and of course at

Time for a break in the exhibitor lounge!

Time for a break in the TCEA exhibitor lounge!

I bumped into my friend John in the lounge!

I bumped into my friend John – he’s a SMART Board expert too!

Time to check my emails

Time to check my emails! There are so many people signing up for the new Blossom Learning online SMART Board course! Go to for more information!

Lunch time at TCEA - pizza!

Lunch time! Mmmm pizza!

And a soda!

And a soda!

I met some friends on the way back!

I met some friends on the way back to my booth!

Here I am on the big screen

Here I am back at the Blossom Learning booth, and on the big screen. You can become my friend on Facebook by visiting Another busy presentation! You can see here everyone has one of my famous pink reusable Blossom Learning bags! We gave away thousands at the show! A future teacher?

A future teacher

A future teacher?

Going to check out some SMART Board seminars

I’m heading upstairs at TCEA to check out some SMART Board seminars.

Finding the SMART playground

I’m going to find the SMART playground.

And bumped into some friends

And I bumped into some more SMART Board enthusiasts!

Tired out at the end of the day

Wow, it’s the end of the day and I am tired! I met so many great teachers today and I am looking forward to teaching them how to use the SMART Board in their classroom to its full potential. Thanks so much to everyone who came to see us at TCEA 2010. If you didn’t manage to come to the show, you can see all the photos on our Flickr page. Go to Visit to find out more about my online applied SMART Board course!

Teacher Photos at TCEA 2010, and Thank you to my Fans!

February 17, 2010

Hi everyone,

I was very excited to be at TCEA 2010 with Blossom Learning.  We had a wonderful time at the show and I saw lots of exciting new technologies.  Also my Online SMART Board course for Teachers was a big hit and we had a great time showing it to thousands of fellow teachers.  More to follow later!

At TCEA I was very flattered that I had so many fans who wanted their photo with me!… Thank you to everyone who requested a photo!  You made me feel like a real celebrity, I felt like I was Beyoncé rockin’ TCEA! : )

You can see all the teacher photos on my community page.

You can also see them on my Flickr page.

Below are a few of my favorite photos with my teacher colleagues !!!  I love all my fans! Thank you for your support.

Happy Learning!

Mrs. Blossom

My Course featured in Tech & Learning Feb 2010 Issue

February 16, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I’m very excited that my new online course that trains teachers on how to use the SMART Board has been featured in Tech & Learning’s February 2010 issue!

Please check out page 42 to see the course in their What’s New section.  Or you can check out the screen shots below!  You can also see the article online here.

I hear that Tech & Learning have some teachers reviewing my Online SMART Board course right now!  I’m looking forward to seeing their feedback.

Here is the actual  piece, do you have any comments?

Happy Learning!

Mrs. Blossom

Our course in the media

February 4, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Since it was launched, two weeks ago, our Online Applied SMART Board Course got a lot of media coverage. I wanted to share with you some of the those stories so you will get a chance to read more about our course.

12 Jan 2010: The Buffalo News discussed the innovative nature of our course.

14th Jan 2010: Scholastic Administrator in their Tech Tools section showed off our new online SMART Board course.  The Tech Tools section is dedicated to showing the latest and greatest in education technology, so I’m very happy to be a part of it!  Check out their article on “Making the Most of the Board“.

Ken Royal, Senior Editor at Scholastic Administrator, interviewed David Weatherhead from Blossom Learning about our new Online SMART Board Course.  The interview took place on Blossom Learning’s booth at FETC 2010.  Check out the interview here.

20 Jan 2010: eSchool News has also covered our SMART Board Course for teachers, discussing the different features the course offers.

26 Jan 2010: Education News discussed in their piece how our online applied SMART board course can help teachers “Unleash the full power of the SMART board in every K-12 classroom”.

20 Jan 2010Tech & Learning have written about the cost vs. benefits of our course.

Feb 2010: District Administration highlighted the multilingual capacities of our course.

The MindShare Learning Report posted a vodcast by Robert Martellacci, in which he discuses the launch of Blossom Learning with my colleagues David and Paul Weatherhead.

Enjoy the articles!

Happy Learning,

Mrs. Blossom

Online SMART Board Course Overview

February 1, 2010

For the last two weeks I have been telling you about our new online SMART Board course. Lately I have been getting more and more questions about this course and how it can help teachers to better utilize SMART Boards.

Since I am a huge believer in the capabilities of our new course to empower teachers and help them make better use of SMART boards, I decided to share with you this short clip. By watching it I hope you will gain better understanding of this wonderful resource.

Enjoy the clip, and as always Happy Learning!

Mrs. Blossom