Our course in the media

Hey Everyone,

Since it was launched, two weeks ago, our Online Applied SMART Board Course got a lot of media coverage. I wanted to share with you some of the those stories so you will get a chance to read more about our course.

12 Jan 2010: The Buffalo News discussed the innovative nature of our course.

14th Jan 2010: Scholastic Administrator in their Tech Tools section showed off our new online SMART Board course.  The Tech Tools section is dedicated to showing the latest and greatest in education technology, so I’m very happy to be a part of it!  Check out their article on “Making the Most of the Board“.

Ken Royal, Senior Editor at Scholastic Administrator, interviewed David Weatherhead from Blossom Learning about our new Online SMART Board Course.  The interview took place on Blossom Learning’s booth at FETC 2010.  Check out the interview here.

20 Jan 2010: eSchool News has also covered our SMART Board Course for teachers, discussing the different features the course offers.

26 Jan 2010: Education News discussed in their piece how our online applied SMART board course can help teachers “Unleash the full power of the SMART board in every K-12 classroom”.

20 Jan 2010Tech & Learning have written about the cost vs. benefits of our course.

Feb 2010: District Administration highlighted the multilingual capacities of our course.

The MindShare Learning Report posted a vodcast by Robert Martellacci, in which he discuses the launch of Blossom Learning with my colleagues David and Paul Weatherhead.

Enjoy the articles!

Happy Learning,

Mrs. Blossom


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