Tech & Learning Magazine has put my SMART Board Course to the test, with great results!

I’m very excited today because Tech & Learning magazine has just finished reviewing my Online SMART Board Course and we’ve received a really positive review! They gave my course to a group of teachers who took the course and gave their views and opinions on it. In particular they liked the price of the course, how comprehensive the course is (from beginner to advanced skills), and the powerful features for administrators.

In particular they said:

“Schools who want to incorporate more SMART Board technology into their classroom curricula will benefit from a program like Blossom Learning, with its straightforward lessons and individualized opportunity for progressing at a self-paced level.”

“The program is a bargain at its price, offering nearly four days of instruction and covering all aspects of the SMART Board from the basics to the most advanced topics.” – Tech & Learning February 23rd, 2010

If you would like to see the full review online please visit –

You can also see screenshots of the review below.

Happy Learning!

Mrs. Blossom

Put to the Test

My Online SMART Board Course was ‘Put to the Test!” by Tech & Learning! I’m very excited about this positive review, I know they gave the course to various teachers and they have given the positive great marks! Thank you Tech & Learning!

On Homepage of Tech and Learning

On the Homepage of Tech & Learning! Very Exciting!


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