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What are your thoughts on SMARTboards?

March 31, 2010

I’ve noticed that so many people are talking about how the SMARTboards haven’t taken off in the UK recently, I’ve been in touch with several journalists who are writing articles on what has gone wrong with training and they want to know my opinion. I am a huge fan of SMARTboards and think that they really turn a classroom into an interactive, exciting place with everything you need at a touch of a button (or a strategically placed tennis ball!) I feel that the biggest let down of the introduction of the new SMARTboards is the obvious lack of training. With courses costing hundreds, plus the need to take 3 days off teaching, arranging a substitute to take your class and having to travel to courses, I can see why the uptake has been slow! I feel that online training courses really are the best solution to this problem, you can sit down with a cup of tea and do as little or as much as you want. The courses can be started and stopped whenever you need to take a break, they also allow you time to practise on your own. After discussing this with a fellow teacher who is still not using her SMARTboard, she mentioned that sometimes she needs people to help her out and likes to ask questions, and I told her she should just come to me. I have a wide circle of social media outlets – she could follow my updates on Twitter, add me as a friend on Facebook, watch my YouTube videos or follow my blog. I am an avid user of all social media and will always be available to answer questions or give helpful hints.


Blossom Learning featured in Systems Contractor News April Issue

March 30, 2010

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted you all to know that Blossom Learning was featured in Systems Contractor News April Issue on page 10.

How exciting!

Blossom Learning featured in Systems Contractor News April Issue
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Staff room eavesdropping…

March 29, 2010

During my morning cup of tea I heard the most fascinating conversation between two teachers who shall remain nameless, both teacher were appalled by how difficult it was to get the basics with the SMARTboards they were using. As none of our teachers can afford the time or the cost of the training courses, a lot of them are just ignoring them, or as I was slightly alarmed to hear earlier, allowing their pupils to show them how to use them! Luckily, I am very much au fait with the new technology and so joined in with their conversation to try and see what the biggest problems were. I helped them understand that this technology will bring to life lessons to their pupils, while allowing them to interact and we all know the benefits of getting children involved rather than just talking at them. We’re sitting down to discuss slightly more complex matters such as adding multimedia into the mix tomorrow in our tea break. That’s how simple it is to pick up, 5 minutes every now and again can help you come on in leaps and bounds. Check out my YouTube page for quick tips and get in touch with me if you like what you see

Mrs Blossom feature in Education Today Magazine – from the UK

March 22, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Today, March 22nd 2010, UK’s Education Today magazine featured Blossom Learning in their March issue (page 36). I am so excited about this because my Online Applied SMART Board course will now be receiving exposure in the UK!

We all know SMART Boards are installed worldwide so join the movement today to ensure that all of the cool educational technology installed in classrooms is being used to its full potential!

Email me at
or visit!
to learn more about how my course can help teachers and school administrators everywhere unleash the hidden power of the SMART Board!

You can check out the full article below (scanned from the magazine).

Happy Learning!

Mrs. Blossom

Mrs Blossom feature in Education Today Magazine – from the UK

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Blossom Learning Featured in Systems Contractor News (SCN)!

March 11, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Today, March 11th 2010, Systems Contractor News featured Blossom Learning in their March issue (page 14).  It’s exciting SCN is talking about our course, as we will get more exposure to the dealers/integrators who talk to educators everyday about technology.  As far as I’m concerned, the more people who talk about the need for technology training in our schools the better!

If you are an audio visual integrator/dealer who helps equip schools with ed tech products, such as SMART Boards, please get in touch with us today so you can get involved in the movement!  The movement to get all educational technology used to its full potential – by every teacher!

You can check out the full article below (scanned from the magazine).

Email me at to learn more about our dealer program or visit!

Happy Learning!

Mrs. Blossom

SCN - Blossom Learning Mrs Blossom SMART Board Course Article

Featured on March 11th 2010, p.14 in Systems Contractor News - Very Exciting!

Advanced Presentation Products Appointed as our Exclusive Reseller in Ontario, Canada

March 3, 2010

Hi Everyone !

Today I’m happy to announce that we’ve appointed Advanced Education Products as our exclusive Ontario, Canada reseller.

Advanced Education

Advanced Education works with thousands of educators in Ontario, so they will be a great help in getting our course in the hands for Teachers!


SVC Online has recently mentioned this exciting news, and you can check out the full article here.

The Online SMART Board Course, available immediately for only US $69.95 / CDN $74.95, shows teachers how to get the most of their SMART Board.

I’m excited about this appointment and I can’t wait to shortly announce some other major partnerships in the works!

Also, if you’re a SMART dealer or distributor and are interested in learning more about how we can work together please email, or visit

Happy Learning!

Mrs. Blossom

Mrs. Blossom’s SMART Board Course Featured in UK’s Education Business Magazine

March 1, 2010

With the many thousands of SMART Boards installed in schools across the United Kingdom, there is a real need for an affordable training solution that enables teachers in the UK to make the most of the investment schools have made in this wonderful classroom technology.

Since there are a lot of teachers in the UK who would benefit from comprehensive and affordable SMART Board training, I was pleased to see my online applied SMART Board course featured in the UK’s Education Business Magazine, which is a bi-monthly magazine featuring need-to-know news and case studies that explain the administrative and commercial issues affecting education.

Education Business Magazine writes that “Blossom Learning has launched its Online Applied SMART Board Course to help teachers understand and apply new teaching methods using SMART Board technology.”

Mrs Blossom's Smart-Board Course in UK's Education Business Magazine

Mrs Blossom's Smart-Board Course in UK's Education Business Magazine

The article goes on to say: “the new eight stage course will lead to more creativity in the classroom and maximise returns on hardware investments.”

“The course is designed to be a complete and affordable training solution.”

You can read the full article on the Blossom Learning Online SMART Board course, available in the United Kingdom, here:

It’s great that my course is now gaining popularity in the UK because it means more and more people will be learning how to use their SMART Boards to their full potential! You can find out more information about the course by clicking here:

Happy Learning Everyone!

Mrs. Blossom