Mrs. Blossom’s SMART Board Course Featured in UK’s Education Business Magazine

With the many thousands of SMART Boards installed in schools across the United Kingdom, there is a real need for an affordable training solution that enables teachers in the UK to make the most of the investment schools have made in this wonderful classroom technology.

Since there are a lot of teachers in the UK who would benefit from comprehensive and affordable SMART Board training, I was pleased to see my online applied SMART Board course featured in the UK’s Education Business Magazine, which is a bi-monthly magazine featuring need-to-know news and case studies that explain the administrative and commercial issues affecting education.

Education Business Magazine writes that “Blossom Learning has launched its Online Applied SMART Board Course to help teachers understand and apply new teaching methods using SMART Board technology.”

Mrs Blossom's Smart-Board Course in UK's Education Business Magazine

Mrs Blossom's Smart-Board Course in UK's Education Business Magazine

The article goes on to say: “the new eight stage course will lead to more creativity in the classroom and maximise returns on hardware investments.”

“The course is designed to be a complete and affordable training solution.”

You can read the full article on the Blossom Learning Online SMART Board course, available in the United Kingdom, here:

It’s great that my course is now gaining popularity in the UK because it means more and more people will be learning how to use their SMART Boards to their full potential! You can find out more information about the course by clicking here:

Happy Learning Everyone!

Mrs. Blossom


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