Staff room eavesdropping…

During my morning cup of tea I heard the most fascinating conversation between two teachers who shall remain nameless, both teacher were appalled by how difficult it was to get the basics with the SMARTboards they were using. As none of our teachers can afford the time or the cost of the training courses, a lot of them are just ignoring them, or as I was slightly alarmed to hear earlier, allowing their pupils to show them how to use them! Luckily, I am very much au fait with the new technology and so joined in with their conversation to try and see what the biggest problems were. I helped them understand that this technology will bring to life lessons to their pupils, while allowing them to interact and we all know the benefits of getting children involved rather than just talking at them. We’re sitting down to discuss slightly more complex matters such as adding multimedia into the mix tomorrow in our tea break. That’s how simple it is to pick up, 5 minutes every now and again can help you come on in leaps and bounds. Check out my YouTube page for quick tips and get in touch with me if you like what you see


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