What are your thoughts on SMARTboards?

I’ve noticed that so many people are talking about how the SMARTboards haven’t taken off in the UK recently, I’ve been in touch with several journalists who are writing articles on what has gone wrong with training and they want to know my opinion. I am a huge fan of SMARTboards and think that they really turn a classroom into an interactive, exciting place with everything you need at a touch of a button (or a strategically placed tennis ball!) I feel that the biggest let down of the introduction of the new SMARTboards is the obvious lack of training. With courses costing hundreds, plus the need to take 3 days off teaching, arranging a substitute to take your class and having to travel to courses, I can see why the uptake has been slow! I feel that online training courses really are the best solution to this problem, you can sit down with a cup of tea and do as little or as much as you want. The courses can be started and stopped whenever you need to take a break, they also allow you time to practise on your own. After discussing this with a fellow teacher who is still not using her SMARTboard, she mentioned that sometimes she needs people to help her out and likes to ask questions, and I told her she should just come to me. I have a wide circle of social media outlets – she could follow my updates on Twitter, add me as a friend on Facebook, watch my YouTube videos or follow my blog. I am an avid user of all social media and will always be available to answer questions or give helpful hints.


One Response to “What are your thoughts on SMARTboards?”

  1. Smart Board Says:

    The Smart Board digital ink set in motion by using an vigorous digitizer that runs the PC input for writing capabilities such as drawing or handwriting.

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