Mrs. Blossom’s Weekly Smart Board quiz

Thanks for stopping by to take my weekly Smart Board quiz! There will be 5 questions each week and every 100th correct entry will win a free Blossom Learning Online Applied SMARTboard Course.

Here are the questions for this week.

1. What is the latest version of SMART Notebook software?
2. What is the latest model of widescreen SMART Board?
3. Where is the company SMART Technologies based?
4. Is technology powering SMART Boards resistive or electromagnetic?
5. What colour are Mrs. Blossom’s famous tote bags?

Just post your answers in the comment box or email them to me at

I look forward to seeing your answers.
D. Blossom



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3 Responses to “Mrs. Blossom’s Weekly Smart Board quiz”

  1. Lori Reed Says:

    Here are the answers to this week’s questions.
    2. 685ix widescreen with ultra short throw UX 60 projector
    3. Calgary, AB Canada
    4. resistive
    5. pink

  2. t haag Says:

    SMART Board™ 685ix

    Calgary, Alberta
    Couldn’t find the color of that darned tote bag, but I learned plenty more about you.

  3. Mrs. Blossom Says:

    Thanks for playing!

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