White out Smartboard tip

Last weekend, socializing at a SMART Board conference I was asked by a fellow attendee…“What else can I do with my SMART board?” At the time I had no idea what features he was currently using or was aware about. I started showing him some of the many features like the screen shade tool, dual page view and some cool hyper linking techniques that you can apply to your lessons right inside SMART Notebook Software. He seemed aware of these tools so I continued to press on and showed him a few more techniques I picked up in the classroom. One of my favorite and ‘very simple’ tips is changing one of the pens color properties to white. By changing one of the pens to white you can “white out” text and or images. To slowly reveal the images, all you have to do is pick up the eraser and like magic the text or image appears! Using the pen tool to white out/erase is a great tip/trick and from my experience both teachers and students alike love to use it in lessons! With this technique you can easily create cloze activities on the fly during your lessons!

If you have a question don’t hesitate to ask me! Or maybe you have some tricks of your own?

If you do just shoot me a question or post your tip, here on my blog or on my Twitter and Facebook page.



Happy Learning,

Mrs. Blossom



2 Responses to “White out Smartboard tip”

  1. Diana da Silva » Keeping Educational Practices Current Says:

    […]             The blog I selected to follow is “Mrs. Blossom’s Blog”.  On this blog, Mrs. Blossom shares ideas on how to use the SmartBoard Notebook software as well as other helpful tips.  I especially liked her tip of changing the “color” of one of the markers to white and then using the eraser as a way to reveal the answer.  (https://mrsblossom.wordpress.com/2010/04/20/white-out-smartboard-tip/) […]

    • Mrs. Blossom Says:

      Thanks Diana, Great post! If you haven’t you should join me on my twitter and facebook pages. Also right now, I am giving away free pink bags. If you want one just become a fan on facebook and I will gladly send one to you.

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