Could cuts in the ICT budget be looming?

Education and the way in which schools are managed are very different in England compared to America and again in France, as I’ve been finding out since I’ve been over here helping teachers with their SMARTboard learning. The point I’m making here though is that wherever you are in the world, the most important thing for a teacher is to interest and interact with your children in lessons. The first time I used my SMARTboard I knew this would be a huge turning point! With new SMARTboard technology, such as the SMARTtable coming into play for primary school children and especially helpful to children with learning disabilities it is so important that teachers are completely confident with using the technology.

The biggest news in England right now for education is the cuts in budgets which could be looming, in particular as mentioned in this BBC news article “The Conservatives have raised questions about the future of Becta, which leads the development of technology in learning. From 2008-2009 this cost an estimated £51 million.” This could be potentially devastating for the use of ICT in teaching, however it also highlights the need for more affordable ways to help teachers use the technology they already have. A previous blog post of mine mentioned the cost and hassle of training individual teachers on courses that require leaving the school, reaching into the thousands for just one teacher, it can be seen quite clearly a more affordable approach, such as an online training course would help cut spending budgets in the ICT departments by a considerable amount.

For now we can only wait and see what will happen with budgets in the UK. Love to know your thoughts on the matter….



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