Does age really matter?

After speaking to a number of teachers, I have discovered that there is an age problem with IWB use, for example while 7 year olds might love to jump up to the front of the class to play equation games, once you hit the ‘cool’ age of 15, the novelty has worn off and teachers are finding it increasingly hard to encourage and interact with the pupils using the board in the same way. I have heard of teachers who are using the board to play game-show style games, in order to win prizes or points for a group in the class. This seems to me a fantastic way to get across messages in a typical science or maths class which encourages interaction in a more grown up way, however I feel there must be many other ideas out there on how to bring added ‘coolness’ to IWB use in the classroom and would love to know peoples thoughts on this and how you can really engage the older children. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to post them under this as I know this would be a fantastic place for other teachers to be able to discuss and get new ideas from.



2 Responses to “Does age really matter?”

  1. Emily Starr Says:

    For older kids, group work can be a great way to get them involved without feeling like they are singled out from their peers if they interact with the IWB independently. In math, you can use manipulatives to pose complex problems to the class and have the students solve in groups. Then, the student who answers or demonstrates the solution using the IWB is responding on behalf of his/her entire group.

    If possible it is also effective to use the IWB as a “center” as elementary teachers would. Have a challenging problem/game/activity on the board to be explored by a group of students working together with the IWB.

    Looking forward to reading everyone’s ideas!

    • Mrs. Blossom Says:

      Hi Emily,

      These are brilliant ideas, thanks for the comment. I especially love the idea of getting students to work in groups, which as you so rightly point out makes them feel less self-conscious about being up in front of the class.

      Mrs Blossom x

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