Worrying times for the UK and ICT budgets….

As the general election was too close to call, England’s future lies in the hands of the Liberal Democrat leader. If, as many suspect he chooses to close a deal with the Conservatives, will one of the deal breakers be a change in Cameron’s decision to slash ICT budgets for schools and will Clegg stick by his guns to spend an extra £2bn on schools? One of my biggest worries when I heard about the change in leadership for England would be that budgets will be slashed, when it is already painfully clear that what teachers need is more training and time to learn, not less. The only upside I can think of is that with even less budgets head teachers will have to start looking for more affordable way to train teachers and perhaps they will start to look at online training as an essential, bringing together a basic level for teachers to understand the use and benefits of ICT in the classroom. Myself and my colleagues at Blossom Learning have been in talks with a journalist over at Education Executive, talking about how online training is an essential tool for teachers worldwide. Now more than ever this seems to be the case as the future of Britain hangs in the balance.



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