Where is technology going in the classroom…..

My job is to help teachers who are struggling with using IWB technology, yet during my various conversations with teachers and those in the AV world I am amazed by the fast paced continuing development of technology for the classroom. From ipads for the entire class to 3D presentations it seems as soon as teachers are comfortable with one technology, another comes along to dazzle us all. When I met with Kathryn McCauley, a hugely influential figure in the UK for ICT and education, something she mentioned stuck with me, “No matter how fantastic we [adults] find things, children have seen it all before and are not phased.” In a world where new technology is fast improving, children all have touch phones and films are now released in 3D, it is ever more imperative that schools are up to date with the latest technology and teachers are up to date with how to use this technology quickly and engagingly.



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