Creative uses of IWB… ideas welcome

As I have previously mentioned creativity is as important as the use of technology in classrooms to gage children’s interest and get them to interact, John Davitt also feels the same way. As this YouTube video shows, technology is really making an impact on the lessons of the past. Some teachers are taking technology to a whole new level, with 3D glasses and interactive tables, but these are special cases and by no means the majority of teachers out there. IWBs are pretty much standard across schools in the US, UK and Europe, so this article will be looking at the easy, effective and creative ways to use your IWB to engage your children and get the best out of your lessons. For example a teacher I have worked with for many years plays a version of who wants to be a millionaire on the IWB. One child comes up to the front and sits in the hot seat, touching the SMARTBoard to select one of the four answers. This can be used in any lessons, be it science, maths, French…the list goes on. Helena Butterfield suggests using her IWB as a confidence builder to get children up to the front, and also as a great way to learn different languages, as you can record using a USB microphone and then play back to the class the recording. Examples from some of Blossom Learning teachers are; Daily physical activity. Use the spinning wheel which can be found in the gallery. Name the segments (jumping jacks, running on the spot, clap your hands….etc…) Use the ‘link sound’ feature to the note book page and add 5 of your favorite MP3’s. Play the music and then spin the wheel. Whatever action the needle lands on is the action the students have to do. Use the page recording feature in Notebook software to draw up ‘Football (soccer) plays”. From the gallery insert a soccer field as a background, players and a ball. Go to the properties tab and select “record”. Move the players around on the page along with the ball to make a championship winning play. Press stop recording. You can then play back the play to the rest of the players. I would be very grateful if anyone reading this has any bright ideas on how they use their IWB that might help teachers who are having mind blocks on how to get to grips with and use their IWB to the best of their ability.



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