Mrs. Blossom Smart Board quiz June 14th 2010

June has been very busy with shipping pink bags to new friends and finding new Smart Board resources. Well now its time for the smartboard quiz. If you’ve played before great! Now give it another try with these 3 new questions.  You could win a free Blossom Learning Online Applied SMARTboard Course.

1. The _____ Tab provides access to many types of resources that include pictures, interactive and multimedia, notebook files and pages and backgrounds and themes.

2. The My Content folder allows users to save external images from the web as well as those found in gallery essentials. True/False

3. Gallery Essentials is a collection of more than 6000 images, interactive resources and page templates. True/False

Happy Learning,

Mrs. Blossom



2 Responses to “Mrs. Blossom Smart Board quiz June 14th 2010”

  1. Jen McCurdy Says:

    1. favorites
    2. T
    3. T

  2. Joan Biese Says:

    1. Gallery
    2. T
    3. T

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