SMARTBoard training… a benefit for the whole school!

On a recent trip to Broadoak Mathematics and Computing Specialist College I got talking to Joe Hofgartner, the head of ICT and he explained that the benefits of an online training course go much further than just helping the teachers and students.

Joe explains “As part of a demanding ICT support team for a Mathematics and Computing Specialist College we provide in-house training on many new software packages, devices and other technologies. Mrs. Blossom provides whiteboard training that is specific to teaching and learning, demonstrating to the teaching staff how SMARTBoards can be used in a classroom environment. The rapid adoption of Interactive Whiteboards in classrooms presented quite a challenge to our ICT support team to provide in-house training to all staff. With other ongoing developments such as our Virtual Learning Environment and media portals the time we have available to provide the whole staff base with quality and relevant SMARTBoard training is increasingly limited. Mrs. Blossom SMARTBoard training fills this gap, allowing teaching staff to learn at their own pace and discover for themselves how this technology can be utilised in the classroom.“

As I have often expressed, the benefits for training teachers is incredible and yet still we know that many IWB’s are left to gather dust and are not used. It amazes me that teachers, the forefront of our children’s education can be stuck in the dark ages….often through no fault of their own. Other teachers I’ve spoken often wish they had the funds and means to be trained, the IWB’s are installed and ready to use, but it’s a bit like having a lovely new car and not knowing how to drive it. Without this valuable knowledge the IWB’s are obsolete and the benefits of being able to convert your classroom into an interactive learning environment are often overlooked.


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