Get a Spare Projector Lamp just in case your projector goes down!

Most classrooms with a SMART Board typically have a digital projector in the classroom (very few use rear-projection or overlays).  It is therefore very important to ensure a spare projector lamp is always available to prevent disruption to your lessons.  Speak with your IT department to ensure they have lamp back-ups on site!

I recently did some onsite SMART Board training at a local school and found that the projector they were using had the lamp warning light on.  Half-way through my training the projector lamp blew, and it resulted in us having to stop the training (until we found another classroom that was free with a  working projector!).    Unfortunately the school did not have a spare projector lamp on hand – if they did we could have almost seamlessly carried on with the training.

After this frustrating experience I did a bit of research and found some good articles on projector lamps that I’d like to share with everyone.  The articles on projector lamps came from and  This webpage gives some tips on how to increase your projector lamps life .  This page contains projector lamp and projector bulb installation tips to save you time.

The moral of the story is… if you use a SMART Board in your lessons, make sure you have a back-up lamp!



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