More cuts across the UK school sector are on their way, what does this mean for the classroom?

The BBC announced yesterday that more cuts are on their way, with education cuts reaching as much as a 25% in the next 4 years. The demise of BECTA was the first major decision made by the new coalition, and it seems drastic action didn’t stop there. This article from The Times Education Supplement advises teachers on how they can best stop these cuts affecting their teaching in the classroom, it seems that class sizes will rise and redundancies are likely, but what’s in store for ICT?  The article touches upon the fact that there is a debate as to whether head teachers should wait to buy new technology, or just buy while they can, as budgets will be much smaller in the next few years. However there is no mention as to how teachers are being trained to use, either the existing, or the newly bought technology, which is something I feel strongly about and have mentioned before in previous posts

Other elements of the cuts include less free school meals for children in poverty  and a further £50 million taken out of the ICT

I do agree, in this hard hitting recession we have to be more careful with our money, but I think this dramatic cost cutting over the education sector can only spell bad times for a lot of schools to come. Technology isn’t the most important element to school, innovative teachers can make an impact with little more than themselves in front of a classroom. However in a time where most school children have phones, all businesses have computers and in the technologically advanced world we live in, surely we would want our children to be stimulated by such tools as IWB’s.


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