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What is that Star?

July 30, 2010

At the top left of your notebook file, you will sometimes see
a star beside the name of the file. What is that? It means
that your file has not been saved up to date. When students
are working in Notebook, you can walk around and casually
observe, because you see that star, that they have not saved
their file. They might wonder how you know and that can be
your magic for the day!

Happy Learning,

Mrs. Blossom



Mrs. Blossom Smart Board quiz July 28th 2010

July 28, 2010

July has been a very busy month! A lot of traveling and a lot of learning. Well now its time for the Smart Board quiz. If you’ve played before great! Now give it another try with these 3 new questions.  You could win a free Blossom Learning Online Applied Smart Board Course.

1. A built in search feature allows users to easily locate resources in the Gallery Essentials. true/false
2. My Content can be exported as a ______ file
3. Gallery Collections can be downloaded from the SMART. true/false

Good luck and happy learning,

Mrs. Blossom


One Pen Doesn’t Work

July 28, 2010

You find that when you pick up one of the pens, it doesn’t
work. That’s odd. The rest are fine. It could be that the
sensor is covered in debris. Sometimes dust from moved
ceiling tiles falls onto the pen sensor and the light can’t get
to it. In one school, they were doing science experiments
with seeds and the seeds were covering the sensor so that
it couldn’t tell that the pen was picked up. Make sure that
the area under each pen is kept dirt free. You can clean
the sensor by vacuuming and by putting a bit of blue glass
cleaner on a cotton swab and wiping it.


Magic Pen

July 27, 2010

Did you know that the magic pen can do three things? The
three stars around the pen remind you of that. Select the
magic pen, draw a circle with your finger and get a spotlight.
Draw a square to magnify. For that one, remember to
make one continuous line and don’t lift your finger until the
square is complete. Move the magnifier and the spotlight by
pressing and dragging outside the shape. When pressing
inside the shape, you can resize them both. The third thing
you can do is mark up a page temporarily. Do you want to
indicate a particular item in a picture? Press the magic pen
and then draw a sweeping arrow pointing in that direction.
Your arrow will disappear in ten seconds and leave your
page pristine.


Using the Word Guess Game in the LAT

July 23, 2010

Today you can quickly make a fun spelling activity for your
class. Open Notebook and click on the Gallery icon. In the
search area, type the word guess. You will see several
folders including Interactive and Multimedia. Click on that
and you will see several activities, with names like Blue –
Word Guess and Orange – Word Guess. They are all the
same… just different colors. Drag one onto the work area.
Click on Edit. Type in words and descriptions that you want
the students to understand. Click OK. Now you have a
game like hangman which is a fun way to learn the spellings
of words. It also teaches the students a lot about most
frequently used letters and which letters are typically found
together. Invite a student up to be the letter chooser but the
whole class has to make decisions about which letter should
be selected. Note that capitals should not be used. If you
wonder why, try using them!


Placing your IWB in a room

July 22, 2010

When you get your smart board in your room, make sure that
there is plenty of room at each side. You want to be able to
stand beside the board when presenting. Too often, I have
been in classes where there is a table to hold the computer
etc and it is jammed right up beside the board or the board
is mounted in a corner. You want clear viewing for your kids
and you need to be able to stand out of the way. Less IS


Vote for me and Blossom Learning: District Administrations Top 100

July 21, 2010

Hi Everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that my Online SMART Board course has recently won the ‘Scholastic Administrator Best in Tech for 2010”. The course has also been selected for numerous other awards as well, and everyone at Blossom Learning is on the edge of their seats waiting for the results!

One award in particular is District Administration’s Top 100 products of 2010

To all customers, Facebook fans, blog and twitter followers I need your help! This is a ‘Readers Choice’ award and I need you to vote for me and Blossom Learning at this link , so my Online SMART Board course will have the chance to be nominated for this prestigious award and be recognized amongst the best education tech products in 2010!

Thank you in advance for voting!

Happy Learning!

Mrs. Blossom


Speeches and Whiteboards

July 20, 2010

Get your students to use a SMART Board when presenting their speeches.  First of all, they are more likely to do the work because their parents don’t know the software and second the class is focused on the board, not the speaker.  This results in more relaxed and passionate speeches.   The kids will love this!


Interactive Whiteboards improve students learning

July 19, 2010

A recent study carried out by William D Beeland, Jr to ‘determine the effect of the use of interactive whiteboards as an instrumental tool on student education’ found some interesting results. This study was carried out on 197 students through a total of ten middle school teachers. The results of the survey and questionnaires indicated ‘a strong preference for the use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom’.

Interestingly the survey found out that students liked to touch the screens and one student quoted “I concentrate a lot harder when we use the whiteboard. It teaches us a lot, but it’s also fun”. Another quoted “Yes, I get into learning when it’s hand-on. When I just listen, I don’t understand as well” – To see more results and more details on the survey have a look at this link

Let me know what your thoughts, as teachers who use the boards regularly , whether you agree or disagree.

Deleting Objects Three Ways

July 16, 2010

There are always two or three ways to do the same thing
on the SMART Board. Think about how many ways you
can delete an object… click on it and press the red X in the
toolbar, right click the object and choose delete, click on the
object, click on Edit and then click on delete. Don’t be too
fussy about everyone doing things the same way. AND that
is all I have to say about that.