Mrs Blossom helps transform triangles for year 7

“One of the schools I am most familiar with in the UK is the leading Technology and Mathematics School Broadoak, where I have met several times with the deputy head and head of ICT, after hearing that the teachers are desperate to learn more about SMARTBoards, I decided to sample my course and see what a difference it has made, I have written in previous blogs about the feedback from the ICT, but now I have a real life example from on the of the teachers about a lesson she created after finishing the Mrs Blossom course; Tamsin Woolford explains “Having just had a good lesson with my year 7’s on constructing triangles I thought I would share the starter I used and the software I used successfully following Mrs Blossom’s training. There is a tool in notebook that allows you to use an interactive compass. I could turn it, widen it to specified measurement using a scaled up ruler and draw arcs on my paper, which allowed all my year 7’s to successfully follow a demonstration on how to draw a triangle with side lengths given. Also, for my starter I used GSP and drew a regular hexagon using circles and then drew in the hexagon, which we had done in the previous lesson. I then asked students to come up and draw other shapes on board within the hexagon and name them and we discussed properties and what we can do to confirm it is that specific shape.“ I would love to know if anyone else out there has anything like this to share? Please do comment or get in touch if you would like to share lesson ideas using IWBs or have any interesting tips you’ve picked up from my course. “



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