My recent trip to England

I’ve just got back from my recent trip to England, where I was exhibiting at the ICT in Education conference in Birmingham on Friday 2nd July. I had a fantastic time and was overwhelmed by how lovely and accommodating everyone was. I would like to say a big thanks you to all those at ICT conference, and to all those who attended. I have been busy uploading photos of myself with various teachers and heads of ICT on my Facebook so do have a little look and leave me a comment if you like them!

Congratulations to the ten winners of the competition (a chance to win my course) I can’t wait to hear your feedback and I know Annie Turner is excited to hear your thoughts on how you get on.

Talking to teachers and the head of ICT’s at the exhibition reaffirmed to me the need for affordable, accessible training for SMARTBoards, well over 90% of the teachers I spoke to said they would like to be able to use their SMARTBoards to a higher level and the majority of them felt they needed more training – I even had two teachers tell me they had come to see me specifically as they really needed some training for their IWBs.

I even had a chance to pop into the famous Bullring in Birmingham for a quick shop on the way back to the airport J I will keep you up to date on my worldly travels and on how the teachers are getting on with my course.



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