Interactive Whiteboards improve students learning

A recent study carried out by William D Beeland, Jr to ‘determine the effect of the use of interactive whiteboards as an instrumental tool on student education’ found some interesting results. This study was carried out on 197 students through a total of ten middle school teachers. The results of the survey and questionnaires indicated ‘a strong preference for the use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom’.

Interestingly the survey found out that students liked to touch the screens and one student quoted “I concentrate a lot harder when we use the whiteboard. It teaches us a lot, but it’s also fun”. Another quoted “Yes, I get into learning when it’s hand-on. When I just listen, I don’t understand as well” – To see more results and more details on the survey have a look at this link

Let me know what your thoughts, as teachers who use the boards regularly , whether you agree or disagree.


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