Using the Word Guess Game in the LAT

Today you can quickly make a fun spelling activity for your
class. Open Notebook and click on the Gallery icon. In the
search area, type the word guess. You will see several
folders including Interactive and Multimedia. Click on that
and you will see several activities, with names like Blue –
Word Guess and Orange – Word Guess. They are all the
same… just different colors. Drag one onto the work area.
Click on Edit. Type in words and descriptions that you want
the students to understand. Click OK. Now you have a
game like hangman which is a fun way to learn the spellings
of words. It also teaches the students a lot about most
frequently used letters and which letters are typically found
together. Invite a student up to be the letter chooser but the
whole class has to make decisions about which letter should
be selected. Note that capitals should not be used. If you
wonder why, try using them!



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