Shades in Tables

I just love putting screen shades into my table cells.  After making a table, I just right click in   a cell and add a screen shade.    However, at first when I used the activity that I made, I was   perplexed because there didn’t seem to be a fast way to get the screen shade   back after clicking it.  Then I found   that if I used the undo button, I could get back as many opened screen shades   as I wanted.  NOTE:  This may not work in a saved file.  If it doesn’t, right click in the cell and   in the drop down menu, you can add a screen shade.



2 Responses to “Shades in Tables”

  1. Jennifer Harper Says:

    A fast way to return all of your cell shades to a particular table in a Notebook file is to use the “Page Recording” button.

    After you have created your table and set all of the cell shades, then click on your “Properties” Tab.

    Now click on the button to bring up “Page Recording”. Press the “record” button for 1 to 2 seconds”.

    Now each time a student completes the table and removes the cell shades, you can just press the “Play” icon on the bar and it resets the entire table for you.


  2. Mrs. Blossom Says:

    Thanks for the tips Jennifer!

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