Document Cameras and SMART Boards – the perfect pair

I have really loved the integration of my document camera into our work on the SMART Board.  Essentially the document camera provides live feed onto my SMART Board and enables me to show a variety of different things on the Board.  I love using it to show student work.  Once the work is on the SMART Board, I am able to discuss corrections, a job well done, make any clarifications, or even allow my student to present their work to their class (giving us on the spot presentations).  Any hard copy resources can be incorporated easily, allowing me to reuse things I have created in the past or concrete texts like black line masters, novels, books, dictionaries, and thesauruses.  A great classroom tool!

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


3 Responses to “Document Cameras and SMART Boards – the perfect pair”

  1. AnetaD Says:

    Mrs. Blossom,
    I came across your blog about Smart Boards and Document Cameras and I decided I had to share my excitement about these technologies as well. This year I received a Smart Board for my classroom and it has been wonderful! I am still a novice in using this technology but it has changed many of my lessons and activities. It is truly a device that is interactive and allows for students to participate in many more activities than ever before. As you mentioned in your post the digital camera adds variety into the classroom by allowing things to happen on the spot. These two technologies combined work wonders. I am able to show corrections, have students edit work and so much more. However, as I mentioned earlier I am novice and therefore I am still learning about what I can do with these technologies to make my lessons even more successful and exciting. I was wondering if you had any suggestions or ideas from your personal experience in using these two technologies within the classroom?

    • Mrs. Blossom Says:

      Hi AnetaD,

      Thank you for your post. If you could let me know what grade and subject you teach i can definitely give you some examples.

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

      Mrs. Blossom

    • Mrs. Blossom Says:

      Hi AnetaD,

      Hope these examples will help.

      All Grade Levels

      Take pictures of
      1. classroom routines and embed the pics in Notebook. Have the students arrange the pics in order.
      2. items in the classroom and have the students label them.
      3. various plants outside and identify plant parts. Label them on the SMART Board. Convert the handwriting to text and then use reveal objects or ‘whiteout’ to hide the words as a review.
      4. class trips and then make a class album with comments.
      5. students and create a seating order in the classroom.
      6. group leaders and put them on the image dice to spin for who goes first etc.
      7. a bean plant growing in intervals of several hours to show progress
      8. science experiments to show process
      9. arms, legs, eyes, noses, hair etc. so that ESL students can label them and learn the language
      10. lunches to categorize the contents in food groups. Follow up with which food group is most represented and why.
      11. traffic in front of the school. Put resulting data into a table in Notebook to show which car color/make is most popular.
      12. Items from a student speech into Notebook to make the speeches more dynamic.

      The ideas are limited by yours and your students imaginations!

      Happy Learning!

      Mrs. Blossom

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