Student Centred Learning

I want to reinforce the importance of using the SMART Board as a student centered learning tool.  I have come across many articles that downplay the use of SMART Boards in classrooms and most often than not, the SMART Board is being utilized only as a teacher directed tool and not a student centered one.  The students must own the SMART Board, own the software, and own the content of the Board.  I will have my students use the software at school or at home to create student centered activities that they then share with their peers back at school.  It is hugely rewarding for the student to share their content with their peers, as students are all about posting and sharing their pictures, their videos, their writing with the rest of the world and receiving international feedback.   Allow your students the opportunity to use the software to demonstrate their knowledge using a technological learning tool to do so!!


Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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