Student Centered Learning – Part 2

I am a big advocate for using the SMART Board in my classroom as a student centered learning tool.  I offset the responsibility of creating SMART Notebook content to my students, so it is not my sole responsibility to create student centered content.  If we are to see the gains that research has proven by having SMART Boards in our classrooms, it is by having the SMART Board as a student-centered learning tool.   Allowing your students to create content that they share with their peers is very rewarding for them to do and incorporates many higher order thinking skills in the process.  I will often take my students down to the computer lab, where we have Notebook software installed on all the computers, and they will either create a file from scratch or they might modify or edit a template that I have them pull from a shared folder on our school network.  This is a huge piece to the puzzle when we look at taking the SMART Board from a teacher directed tool to a student centered one.


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