SMART Exchange – invaluable resource

The lessons on the SMART Exchange ( are an excellent way of getting started with your new SMART Board.  This site really is a SMART Board users best friend, especially in the beginning when you are first becoming accustomed to Notebook software.  I like the files on the SMART Exchange for three reasons:  one, there is no point reinventing the wheel.   If we can find a file that meets our needs, we might as well use it.  Two, if the file doesn’t meet our needs completely, we can always modify or edit the file for our own purposes and always making it better.  Three, we can get great ideas for things we can put into our own Notebook files.  Looking at other people’s files can give us an understanding of the full potential of Notebook software.  Thank goodness for the SMART Exchange.


Happy Learning!


Mrs Blossom


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