Back to basics – Orienting your SMART Board

I recently learned how to correctly orient my SMART Board and it has made a huge difference with the precision of my touch on the Board. I always thought that all you had to do was use your finger to press anywhere in the target until all the targets were complete.At times the target might have skipped on me and I assumed that was fine. However, when I went to use the SMART Board I would experience times when I would touch objects and they wouldn’t respond or I would write on the board and the ink would appear a fair distance away from the end of my pen. I am now orienting the SMART Board by picking up a pen from the pen tray (as the stylus tip is a lot finer than your finger), placing the pen firmly on the Board and dragging into the target and releasing my touch once I arrive in the very middle of the target and not in the red X.   I learned that the orienting of the Board is not about the pressing of the target but about the release of the target and making sure you are releasing in the very middle. This dragging into the target is a lot easier for me than trying to come at the target from a distance and trying to touch the very middle. Using the stylus has also allowed me to reach the top targets a little better (as they were a bit high for me) and to avoid the shadowing of my projector (as it seemed there was always a black shadow over the target I was pressing).  We can now work with precision (and no frustration) on our SMART Board.

Click here for a pdf on how to Orient your board

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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