Back to basics – Cleaning the Board

We recently had an open house at our school where parents and students (and their younger siblings) were invited into our library for a presentation on our new SMART Board. Following the presentation, people were freely mingling throughout the library. During this time a younger sibling had gotten hold of a permanent marker and wrote upon the SMART Board. Much to our dismay, we could not remove the permanent marker from our SMART Board despite us using some of the safe products you can use to clean the surface of the Board with (those include: whiteboard cleaner, soap and water, Windex, a vinegar and water solution). We contemplated using a product that contained alcohol but we knew that wasn’t a good idea. We also knew that acetone was not allowed on the surface of the Board. After contacting a wise consultant who works for our school board, we learned the following trick to remove permanent ink from our SMART Board: you need to use a dry erase marker and go directly over top the permanent marker to remove it. Apparently there’s a chemical in the dry erase marker that lifts the permanent ink away. Fortunately enough for us, this worked! This helpful trick saved our Smart Board and I wanted to share it with others in case they were in the same predicament. Good luck.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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