Faulty Pen Tray? Not Quite.

There was a few days where one of the pens in the pen tray would not work. The little indicator light would not illuminate and we could not work with our green pen. We figured our green pen was broken and we weren’t sure about how to rectify the issue.

After speaking with a wise SMART Board consultant who supports our school, she informed us to examine the sensor that’s underneath the pen to see if anything might be obstructing it. It turned out that some seeds from our science work had fallen into the sensor, causing the sensor to think it was full and the pen was still over top. At that point we were instructed to clean the pen tray in one of these recommended ways: using a soft cotton swab to lift out the seeds; to use compressed air to blow out the seeds; or to suction the seeds out with a vacuum if necessary. Luckily for us we were able to remove the seeds and the green pen became operable again. We are much more conscious now of removing any debris that might collect in our pen tray and using a soft cloth to wipe out the tray before a real issue occurs.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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