Making a Seating Plan

The other day, I wanted to make a seating plan but the templates I found had the desks in rows.  My students are scattered throughout the room!  I solved this in Notebook.  I added a new page.  I chose the square from the shapes tool in the top menu.  I tapped on the edge of the shape (Since it wasn’t filled with color, I couldn’t drag on the inside of the shape.) and clicked on the drop down menu.  I chose Infinite Cloner.  Then I continually dragged from the original shape to get identical desks. When I had enough desks, I tapped on the original shape and turned off the infinite cloner.  Next, I double tapped the edge of each shape and typed in the student names.  After moving the students’ desks to the correct position in the class, I was all finished!  Note: The page looks better when the floor and desks are colored!


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