Embedded sound

I am so excited about the sound that can be made within Notebook because I used to have to go to some lengths to create and embed sound.  The new sound function is initiated in the same way that we began adding sounds previously.  In this case, the students are going to record what they think this person would be saying.

Click on an object, tap the drop down menu and choose Sound.

Embedded Sound

Now click on the Start Recording button.  You have to start talking right away because you cannot edit out delays.  You have up to one minute to talk.  Press Stop Recording when you finish.  (Note:  You only see that button when you are recording.)  If you name your recording, you will know in the future, that a recording exists for the picture.

Embedded Sound

For how to play the sound, I like to choose Object, rather than Corner icon because it is easier to tap a picture than the little speaker button.  Click Attach sound and you are done.  When you tap your picture you will hear the sound you recorded.

I like to record instructions for my activities so that the students who struggle with reading can work independently on the SMART Board.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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