New to the SMART Exchange are the widgets and the Voki widget is my favorite!

WidgetWhen I heard about Voki.com,  I had to try making my own talking avatar.  It allowed me to alter the hair, clothing, jewelry etc. of the character and then I recorded my voice and attached it to the avatar.  I was amazed to see that it synced the lips to my voice!  As I moved the cursor on the screen, the avatar followed my every move.  How exciting!  I found out that some of the avatar’s characters were only available in the classroom edition of voki but that really doesn’t cost much.

After creating my avatar, I published it on the web page and copied the code.  The instructions were right on the page so this wasn’t hard to do.


I searched for voki in the SMART exchange and downloaded the widget.  The voki widget gets dragged to a notebook page and you just paste the code into the container.


WidgetsThen whenever you open that page, the voki avatar ‘wakes up’ and you have a talking head.  The kids LOVE it and actually, the adults I have shown are impressed as well.  Try it!

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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