Add ons

add-onsThere is a new tab in Notebook 11!  So far there is only one activity which is called, ‘Activity Builder’ but maybe we can expect more.

add-onsThe teachers in our school have found that The Activity Builder is a quick way to make a sorting activity for any subject at any grade level.  It allows you to work with words and/or pictures.  The Spanish teacher uses it to identify nouns.

Sink-Float activityThe grade one teacher has made a ‘sink/float’ activity.  If the students drag a picture of stone into the tub, it disappears (sinks) but if they put in a picture of a ping pong ball, it pops back out of the tub.

The teacher whose students are working on levers has made a container for 3rd class levers.  If the students drag a pair of hotdog tongs into the container, they will disappear but if they drag in a hammer, it will pop out.  The container ‘accepts’ the third class lever.

See how many ideas you can come up with for this quick to make and generic activity.

If you are new to this activity, the instructions are found when you click on the ‘How to build an activity’ after selecting the Activity Builder icon.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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