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Videos (exchange)

November 28, 2012

I realized that I did not explore enough last week on my blog, when I happened to notice the videos on the SMART exchange.  There is a wonderful overview of Leonardo Da Vinci that shows his art, his drawings and a bit about his life… you don’t have to gather up a lot of resources as they are compiled in one place!  There is also a neat clip showing what an eclipse looks like both from earth and from space.  As support, you will find pictures of a total and a lunar eclipse in the gallery. I like the metamorphosis video and I can extend that activity because the stages of the frog’s development can be found in the pictures’ folder in the gallery of SMART Notebook.

The video about Madame Curie was excellent.  I didn’t realize that today, her notebooks are still too radioactive to touch but as well she won two Nobel prizes in two different sciences.  She is an excellent role model for our girls!

Check out the videos and download some for your Notebook lessons.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


Manipulatives (exchange)

November 21, 2012

Have you checked out the manipulatives in the SMART Exchange?  There are hundreds!  Narrow your results by choosing the filter Manipulatives.  You will see various items created by such companies as School, Discovery Education and others as well as items that are already in the Notebook gallery.


I really liked “Writing Concrete Poetry” manipulative.  I can see how students will like writing their poems on the SMART Board. I am going to extend the activity by having one group of students draw a picture and another group write the poem to go with it.  Even if I do not want the voice overs for the manipulatives, there are parts of the video that I can often use.  It is all a matter of being creative!

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom

Pdfs in the exchange

November 14, 2012

Have you browsed by file type in the SMART Exchange?  You can filter results so that you only see items for the SMART Table, or Math Tools, or question sets etc.

A new choice is the pdf section and there are about 90 available if you have chosen your location as United States at the top right of the screen.

Among the pdfs,  you will find SMART Board basics, language handouts, lists of online resources etc.

Pdfs in ExchangeOne of the pdfs is a graphic organizer for the book, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie”.  I didn’t know anything about the book so I had to dig it up and give it a read.  Now I have a great book, an organizer handout and I can display the pdf on the SMART Board where we can make entries into the cells.  Alternately, when I have the time, I can reproduce the graphic organizer in Notebook software by copying and pasting or by building it with shapes.  We could also do some brainstorming to teach the mouse time management skills!

I hope more people upload the pdfs that they use in their classrooms!

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom

Gallery 2 beta

November 7, 2012

Gallery 2 BetaHave you tried the new beta Gallery 2 in Notebook 11?  It is included in a new tab that is found beneath the Add Ons tab.  At first it was hard to make the transition from the original Gallery but now I really appreciate it.

Notebook Gallery 2 BetaMy Content is a separate tab in Gallery 2 which seems more accessible to me.

There is a filtering process, that allows you to select the kinds of items you are searching for;  images, manipulatives, sounds, videos etc.

Under the configuration tab, there are quick links and you can send SMART your suggestions for items that you want to see in the gallery.

Try it out.  After a while you won’t go back to the original gallery!

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom