Videos (exchange)

I realized that I did not explore enough last week on my blog, when I happened to notice the videos on the SMART exchange.  There is a wonderful overview of Leonardo Da Vinci that shows his art, his drawings and a bit about his life… you don’t have to gather up a lot of resources as they are compiled in one place!  There is also a neat clip showing what an eclipse looks like both from earth and from space.  As support, you will find pictures of a total and a lunar eclipse in the gallery. I like the metamorphosis video and I can extend that activity because the stages of the frog’s development can be found in the pictures’ folder in the gallery of SMART Notebook.

The video about Madame Curie was excellent.  I didn’t realize that today, her notebooks are still too radioactive to touch but as well she won two Nobel prizes in two different sciences.  She is an excellent role model for our girls!

Check out the videos and download some for your Notebook lessons.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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