Using Speech Recognition Software

My friend Jason, had a hand injury recently and he can no longer hold a pen.  The school is going out of its way to help him out because they recognize that he is a great teacher, a problem solver and a fighter (not how he hurt his hand by the way!)

When I taught special needs children, I learned Dragon Naturally Speaking so I offered to help him master it so that he could complete his report cards.  Pretty soon, he was saying “Wake up.  Start Microsoft  Office.”  Then he was dictating way faster than I could type.   Now that he can do that, we have to see if it will work with the online report.  Otherwise, some copy and paste will be in order.    I am sure his principal will find a solution for that!

Other good news is that the other day, I found that while Jason cannot hold a pen, he can hold a tennis ball.  A light went on for me as I realized that he could write on the SMART board and the best news of all?  He is going to get one installed in his room!  I will have more news about Jason soon.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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