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Can you make part of a picture transparent when you capture it with the shape capture camera?

February 27, 2013

My favourite question starts with, “Can you… ?” as teachers ask me what is possible with a SMART Board.  Sometimes it is the first time I have heard the question and then we have some problem solving to do.

A teacher asked, “Can you make part of a picture transparent when you capture it with the shape capture camera?”  shape capture

My first response was no because this was not possible with Notebook 10.   You could only make things in a picture transparent when you captured them with the area capture camera.     area capture

Imagine my surprise and enthusiasm when I found that both resulting images have the ability to be altered for transparency.    Just check out the drop down menu for both image types!

There’s always new things to learn!

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


Create your own Custom Graphic Pen

February 20, 2013

The most fun that I have in a day is when I see lights go on in a person’s eyes.  I was telling our social studies teacher about the ability to create your own creative pen and that I was trying to come up with new ideas for its use.  He was a little animated as he began to explain his idea.

He was teaching Marco Polo and wanted to show his travels on a map.  He slid a camel out of The Gallery onto a Notebook page.  Following my directions he quickly created a ‘camel creative pen’.  He captured into Notebook, a map of Europe and Asia from Google and initiated his camel creative pen.  He dragged it across the map showing exactly where Marco Polo went all those years ago.  As the camel moved, he told anecdotes.  I didn’t know that explorer was so interesting!

One of the things that I learned was that Marco returned  from his travels after 24 years and was put in jail.  There he dictated the stories of his adventures to his cellmate.  I wonder if we would have this record if he had not been imprisoned!  That teacher put a light in my eyes.  I want to learn more about Marco Polo!

» Click here to see step by step intructions on how to create custom creative pen

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom

The perks of being a teacher – a true story

February 13, 2013

Sometimes there are things that can tug at the heart.

A teacher told me that she had a student in her class who had never communicated with anyone.  When she got her SMART Board the young boy obviously wanted to write on it.  He took the pen and wrote yop.  The teacher took the pen and wrote boy.  She said, “I think you mean boy.”   He wrote yop again.  The teacher believed that there was a breakthrough.  He was spelling incorrectly BUT this was the first time he had ever tried to communicate with anyone.

The teacher told me that she was so excited about this first step but little did she know at the time that there was a bigger surprise to follow.  The next day, the student approached the teacher and pulled something out of his backpack…  a bottle of YOP, the yogurt drink.  OH my goodness, she shed a few tears that day.

What are your perks for being a teacher? Looking forward to hearing your responses!

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom

Effectively using the Camera Capture tool – slow internet? No problem.

February 6, 2013

Lately, I have been working with teachers.  There are a group of librarians who want to teach research skills to their students in high school.  We did some brainstorming and came up with a plan.  So far, they have learned to link to various websites from Notebook 11 so that their presentations are smooth.  However, we find that depending on the time of day and the internet use by the students, the net can be slow.

Our next job was to learn to effectively use the camera capture toolbar to get specific parts of the screens and automatically insert them into Notebook so that if pages didn’t load, we had an alternate plan.   We were able to flip over to Notebook while the page was loading and then we could go back to the net to continue the next step.  This is a journey.   There is more to the plan and I will visit with this group again.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom