Here is another way to use shapes to quickly create an activity.  This one is for primary students and with practise, it takes about 20 seconds to make the activity.

I create three or more colored shapes at the bottom of the screen.


After they have been infinitely cloned, I ask the students to make patterns.  Some have no idea!  We discuss what patterning means and give the students lots of time to make various patterns on the SMART Board with a partner (one touching, one offering suggestions).  While students are working on that, the other students are working with math manipulatives.  Later, I ask students to make an AABB pattern, for instance.  This is good for deductive reasoning because the next student has to make an AABB pattern that is different from the last one.  After a while, they will not be able to come up with any more patterns for the AABB set.  To make sure that everyone is involved, the students all use paper and crayons at their seats so they can show combinations of their own.

To see the details for this activity, check out the attached… Patterning in Primary

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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