Eclectic Eggs for Easter

Kids love the new crayon in SMART Notebook 11 and they can use it in the next activity.  On the SMART Board, I draw several egg shapes using the shape tool.  I clone the pages so that there are several pages to work with.  The students know that they are going to decorate them but they have to make up the rules.  On slips of paper, they have to write sentences that describe how to decorate each egg.  An example is:  ‘Use three lines.  Use two colours.  Use six identical squares.’  After I check them for spelling, (I don’t want students to get used to seeing words spelled incorrectly.) we fold up the slips of paper and put them into a jar.  When the student goes up to decorate an egg, he takes a slip of paper, chooses an egg and decorates accordingly.  They can sign their eggs if they want to.  Sometimes afterwards, we will look at the eggs and the students have to figure out what the rule was.


Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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