Our Class Trip Follow-Up

After we go on class trips, we have a lot of photographs.  Putting them into SMART Notebook gives us many opportunities for language development.  Just open Notebook and then click on Insert in the top menu.  Choose Picture file.  We used to worry about the pictures being too big but now the program will ask if you want to optimize the graphic and it will adjust the picture to fit the screen.  Even so, I like to make it a bit smaller so that there is room for text under the picture.

Working together on each page of Notebook, we put a sentence that describes the photograph so it reminds us of each part of our trip.  We practice reading it and sometimes we will print it out so that students can take turns reading it to others.  The older students have worked on our presentations too!  They help the younger students use the recorder in Notebook 11 to read each page so that there is a permanent audio book for anyone to look at and listen to.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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