Spelling Practice

spelling-practiceSome students like to work with others to practice spelling words.  We put lots of pictures on the Notebook page.  Then we quickly record the names of the pictures using the SMART Notebook record feature (Check out the drop down menu for each object you click on and you will see the word Sound.)  Under each picture we put the number of dashes that corresponds with the number of letters in the word.  I like to clone the page a number of times so that various students can work on the same activity without erasing other peoples’ work.

The students click on the picture, listen to the word being spoken and print the word under the picture.  I encourage them to sign their names when they are done, save the file and then go to the next page so the activity is ready for someone else.  If I put a list of student names up beside the SMART Board, they can quietly go and get the next person on that list.  Later I can go back and look at the file to see how well the students are spelling.

Alternately, I can write the words and have the students draw the pictures.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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