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Previewing Notebook Lessons in the SMART Exchange

June 26, 2013

Did you know there is a lot of information you can get by previewing lessons in the SMART Exchange?

In this preview you can see that there are 9 pages in the file, 257 people have downloaded it and no one has recommended it ().  That doesn’t mean it isn’t good!  Many people don’t know how to recommend files.  Watch for my blog about recommending SMART Notebook files!


Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


Tiny URL

June 19, 2013

Sometimes I want to share a url with a colleague or friend but the url is so long that it takes up several lines in an email.  Check out  Paste in the long url and click on Make TinyURL!  A very short url will be generated for you.  Even better, you can make up your own tiny url by entering a unique name into the Custom alias space.



Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom



What is my Notebook Activation Code?

June 12, 2013

So often people ask what the activation key is for Notebook software.  All they need is the serial number from their SMART Board.  It is usually found on the right side of the board on a small white sticker and it will start with SB.  Copy it down and go to  Type the serial number into the field and add your email address.  SMART will send you an activation key.  EASY!  At this time, you will also find out if your board is registered.  If not, you should do that too.  Registration extends your warranty.


Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom

And the Survey Says…

June 5, 2013

I went to a workshop the other day and I saw an activity that I thought you might like to try.  The presenter was fine with me sharing her work.  She was so creative and fun!

You are going to make a Family Feud type game! Search for Note Reveal in the Gallery.  It is in the Interactive and Multimedia folder.  Drag it onto the interactive workspace.  Click on the Edit button and type a fact or  idea in each space.  These might include the five most popular fruits,  top selling car colors, most influential people in the world, most important inventors etc.  Remember to make a copy of the list on paper.  When each blank is filled, click OK and save your file.  Give the students the topic and give them a few minutes to research or discuss.  Divide the class into teams.  The first team will try to guess what one of the five items might be.  The teacher will reveal the answer by saying “and the survey says!” if it is one of the choices.  (That is why you need to write down the answers in order!)   After revealing all the answers, crown your winner.

.Family Feud

Finally, click on a number to hide an answer and see if the students can recall what it is.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom