Establishing our Rules for Web Enabled Devices in the Classroom

We are continuing on this journey of using our personal devices in the classroom.  It is ever evolving but one thing the students determined was that if they were collaborating, they had to stay on task but if they were working alone, they could request a time “off task” for a period we agreed on.

This was hard to manage so I got several cardboard clocks with moveable hands.  They put the stop time on them and put them on a ledge with their names (in front and below the hands).  That way I could glance at them from time to time to see that they were honoring their stop time. We also had to practice getting back on task as breaks can disrupt the pattern of learning  BUT I can’t believe how these little breathers helped the students who just couldn’t focus for extended periods.  Some students did not use this privilege.  I guess some people have better staying power!  As to how we used these devices in the classroom, I will be blogging about them later.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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