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Halloween-Themed SMART Board Activities

October 30, 2013

The school year got a little bit busy and hectic and wasn’t able to blog for two weeks.  Sorry everyone!  Learned so much the last few weeks and can’t wait to share them all with you.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year.  With Halloween being tomorrow, it only seemed fitting that my blog be about this holiday and fun activities that you can do for your students.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite sites for you to find and download or get ideas from for your Halloween activities.

1. Teachers Loves SMART Boards – This site has lots of ideas for games, puzzles and activities to use on the SMART Board –

2.  Pinterest – I Love Pinterest.  It’s such a great social tool and way to gather up all the information into one place –

3. SMART Exchange – Don’t forget that SMART has tons of already made up activities for you to choose from.  Just searching for the keyword “Halloween” gave me almost 300 different activities to choose from.  You can also edit these to your liking –

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


Tablets in the Classroom

October 9, 2013

I just spent the day with my four year old nephew.  What a surprise to see a child interact with technology outside the classroom.

First he taught me to play Minecraft and showed me how to build a dwelling.  It thrilled me that he was able to quickly figure out how to construct a rectangular house with windows and a door.  There was a lot of problem solving and no one taught him how to do it.  He is also pretty good at filming videos and then making them into a movie with music.  He figured that out as well.  Did I mention he is four?  He isn’t exceptionally intelligent.  There are a lot of children who regularly use the tools without frustration or much difficulty.   It all leads me to believe that we don’t have to spend a lot of time teaching students how to use technology.

Here is an article that describes tablet uses that students will totally understand and love to use.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom

Object Based Learning

October 2, 2013

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about Object Based Learning.   Searching online, I found this great resource ( that explains what can be done in math, science, social studies, geography etc. to support object based learning.  It also explains how to adapt it for different learning styles and intelligences and I liked the tips for reading documents, photographs, objects and oral histories.

If you are from a country other than United States, you should know that the links to documents are from the USA but you will still enjoy the whats, hows and whys that you read here.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom