People in Notebook

There were so many times that I wanted to use school clipart with people but there didn’t seem to be many of those in the Gallery of SMART Notebook.  However, in the SMART Exchange, you can search for people and find many gallery collections of famous people including explorers and scientists as well as kids at school and family pictures.  The downside is that the people in these collections are not ethnically diverse.  I found that by using the camera tool, I could capture the image that is on a Notebook page and then paste it into Photoshop, Paint or probably any other paint program.  Then I was able to fill the skin colours with darker shades of flesh.  The eyes are all round in these pictures.  I had to find other eye shapes and manipulate them to fit the images.  It took a few minutes but once done, I could save the images as jpg or put them into Notebook Gallery so they are handy when I need them.

Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


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