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Download Free Fonts for Fun

November 19, 2014

This week, I wanted to get some more fonts to use in Notebook and I found a site with free fonts! Check out Pick a category and scroll down to see the styles. Click on Download beside the style you have chosen. Once it is downloaded, you can install the font and it will be available in the fonts menu of Notebook, Word and other processors that you use! Pay attention to the name of the font when you download it so you can find it in the list of fonts. If Notebook was running when you downloaded and installed the file, you will have to close down and open a new file.

I was going to suggest one or two fun ones here but there are just so many that you should discover them yourselves! I had so much fun with these, that I got carried away and installed about fifteen new fonts!


Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom


Activity Card of the Month – November 2014

November 5, 2014

Card #6 One, Two, Skip a Few, 99, a Hundred!

I have used hundred’s charts since my grade one teacher found me too talkative and put me in the coat room with a large wooden one hundred board that kept me busy for a long time. I had a great time arranging the numbered tags and didn’t even realize I was being punished!

Now you can use an interactive one that allows you to change the tile colors and even hide the numbers. It takes less than a second to reset it and start all over. You will feel like Vanna White when you spin these tiles! Check out the card of the month.


Click here to download Activity Card #6 – Work with the Hundreds Chart


Happy Learning!

Mrs Blossom